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In the early fall of 2012, Laurie Haag happened upon a  beautiful, historic building on Spring Street, and she immediately knew she just had to make it an event venue for others to be able to enjoy the beauty of the space for their special celebrations.  


While the space had already  been exquisitely restored prior to possession, she quickly added her own flair, decor and 20 plus years of Event Coordination, Design and Marketing to the table and opened the doors in November of that year.

Since that time she and her staff have celebrated some of life's biggest moments with the community!  We have laughed, danced, cheered, decorated, coordinated and even at times cried with our clients that  become like family to us.  


It's truly a family run business!  When Keri Cochran came on board to help Laurie with the increased demands it was a huge help.  You might hear her call her "Mom"sometimes.... while we try to stay professional, she happens to be Laurie's  daughter!  You may find a few other Haag daughters helping out at any given time. Shelby, Courtney and Sydney are always available to lend an extra helping hand.


And we recently have added Danielle as our Facility Coordinator. Laurie just happens to know her from the day she was born! So it's really a family affair and we welcome you to become a part of the family too!

xoxo Laurie, Keri and Danielle
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